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Learn more about why you need to authorise SendBoard after adding the Power-Up to a board.
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After adding the Power-Up to a trello board, each team member will be prompted to authorise SendBoard to work with their Trello account.

Keeping your emails secure

Data privacy and security are very important to us. Which is why we've taken extra steps to ensure that the email content in SendBoard is only accessed by Trello users with the correct permissions. We need special authorisation to know which boards a Trello user has access to, so that we can restrict access to sensitive information in SendBoard.

Making emails personal

To make a great email experience in Trello, SendBoard sometimes needs to act on behalf of a user. For example, when sending an email, a Trello comment is automatically added to the activity thread of the relevant Trello card. To be able to add comments on behalf of a Trello user, SendBoard needs up-front authorisation from the user.

Access to all boards

When you authorise SendBoard, you are doing it for your user account, not just the current board. Trello does not provide another way for a Power-Up to enable the features we need. Unfortunately there is no way to authorise SendBoard for one Trello board without authorising for all of your Trello boards. SendBoard will only ever access information on the boards where you have added and configured the Power-Up.

If the wrong user authorizes the Power-Up, you can remove them under the 'Manage Users' section from your account settings.

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