If you haven’t used Butler before, we think its worth checking out.

Butler lets you set up automated rules to perform actions in Trello. This saves you time and helps to ensure important tasks don’t slip through the cracks. Without any programming knowledge, you can make some pretty magical things happen. e.g. “Automatically add a checklist when a new card is added to my board”.

Butler used to be a Trello Power-Up, but it’s now a built-in feature.

And if you combine SendBoard + Butler, you can help your team automate their email tasks. Here are some ideas...

Move emails between lists

Sometimes, replies to your emails can get lost on a busy board. You could use Butler to move cards to the top of the ‘Inbox’ list when a reply comes in via email.

Here’s what the Butler rule would look like:

Add a checklist of tasks

You might have a checklist that needs to get done for certain emails. e.g. You could add the “Process Quotation” checklist when an email comes in from a customer requesting a quote.

Add a due date

To ensure that your team are responding timeously to email requests, automatically add a due date for new incoming emails.

Send email with Butler Automations

SendBoard supports a special syntax that can turn a Trello comment into an email. And because Butler can be used to add Trello comments, it can also be used to send out emails.

Read more about how send an email using Butler automations.

These are just a few ideas - there are thousands of possible automations.

To get started, check out Trello’s Introduction to Butler.

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