Variables are special keywords enclosed in curly brackets that you can use in your emails or saved replies. Variables will be replaced by their relevant value when an email is sent.

e.g. If you type the text {{contactFirstname}} in an email, when the email is sent, the variable will be replaced with the first name of the primary contact on the Trello card.

Variables are only available on certain SendBoard plans. See our plans and pricing here.

These are the variables you can use in your emails.



Email Recipient - The first email recipient in the "To" field


Card Contact - The contact associated with the Trello card


Trello user - The team member sending the email


In case the contact doesn’t have a name set, you can use the following trick to specify alternative text to use as a fallback.

{{variable || 'fallback'}}

e.g. Hi {{contactFirstname || 'there'}}, thanks for your email.

If you use the above example in an email, when the email is sent and there is no first name for the contact, the text “Hi there, thanks for your email.” will be inserted.

Custom Fields

You can also use variables to insert the value of Trello Custom Fields into your emails. Just use the Custom Field name (spaces replaces with underscore "_") within curly brackets in your email, and SendBoard will replace the variable with the value of the custom field.

For example, if you have a custom field called 'Order Number', you can insert this value into an email by using the variable name {{Order_Number}} .

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