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Get a Shareable link to a conversation
Get a Shareable link to a conversation

Find out how to easily share the details of a conversation with anyone who has access to the internet

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If you are collaborating with Trello team members about a conversation in SendBoard, it's easy to copy and past the URL of a particular Trello card to link them to the conversation. You could also just mention them within a comment on the card to notify them of the applicable conversation.

But if you want to share a conversation with someone who does not have access to your Trello board, SendBoard provides a simple way to share a publicly viewable link to the full conversation.

To find this link, open up the applicable Trello card and click on the 'SendBoard' button in menu on the right. You'll see a menu option to 'Get Shareable Link'.

Clicking this link exposes the unique link to the SendBoard email conversation on the card. You can copy this link to share with an associate. They'll be able to view each message on a public web page without having to log-in to Trello.

Privacy & sensitive messages

Shareable links include a lengthy unique string of text in the URL that would be virtually impossible for someone to guess. But if you do share the link with a contact, that link can be passed to other people through any digital messaging platform. So if you are concerned about sensitive or private information in your email conversations, make sure that you carefully consider the risks before sending someone a shareable link.

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