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Find out how we create cards and comments and how to troubleshoot errors with your board's own SendBoard bot.

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When you set up the Email for Trello Power-Up, you may have noticed that a SendBoard bot was automatically added to your board. This is because Trello requires a user to perform certain actions on the board. We created the SendBoard bot in order to send and receive emails on your board.

You do not need to add the SendBoard bot. The bot is automatically added as a user when you first create your mailbox or account.

No additional Trello charge for the SendBoard Bot

The Sendboard bot is a "Single-board guest" and is not charged an extra Trello subscription. Note that "Multi-board guests" are members of more than one workspace board and are charged the same price as a workspace member. If you go to view your workspace members, you should see the SendBoard bot listed under "Single-board guests". There is a bot for each board. So if SendBoard is used on multiple boards, you will have multiple bots, but each bot will only be linked to one single board.

View single board guests in Trello

SendBoard bot errors and how to troubleshoot them

Here are some typical errors encountered with the SendBoard bot and the steps to resolve them.

What to do when the bot has been removed

If the bot is removed from your board either deliberately or by accident, we no longer have a Trello user that can create cards or comments on your board. We can pick this up whenever a new email arrives and we attempt one of these actions.

To fix this, simply click on the SendBoard button to go to settings and navigate to the Board tab and we will automatically add the bot back for you.

click on the SendBoard button to go to settings and navigate to the Board tab and we will automatically add the bot back for you.

Do not worry about losing any emails. We will email the account owner if this ever happens and we will be able to reprocess any emails that have arrived since the bot was removed.

Guest permissions

Sometimes when we attempt to add the bot to the board we run into some problems. The most likely reason you would have this issue, is a setting available to Trello Business Class Teams called 'Inviting Guests to Boards'. If this is set to 'Only Team Members', we will be unable to add the bot as a guest user. 

To fix this, you would need to change this setting to 'Anybody' and then try again to complete the SendBoard set up process. Once the bot has been added, you can change the setting back to 'Only Team Members'.

Manage guest permissions from Trello workspace settings

Select to share the Trello board with anybody.

Too many open cards error

In order to add an email to your board, the Power-Up requires that your board does not exceed the Trello maximum card limit of 5,000 open cards and 2,000,000 open or archived cards. If your board is over one of these limits, emails will not be added to your board.

To fix this, you will need to free up some space on your board by archiving/deleting cards.

Tip: Create a Trello Automation rule to archive a card after a certain amount of time passes.

If you need any help with your SendBoard bot, send us an email at and we will assist you.

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