Trello board email address

Send emails to Trello using your Trello board email address. Learn about what a board email address is and how to change it.

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A board email address is a custom SendBoard email address that gets assigned to your Trello board when the Email for Trello Power-Up is set up on your board. This address is used to send and receive emails to and from your board.

Each Trello board that the Email for Trello Power-Up has been added to and set-up on, will have its own, unique board address.

You can change your board email address by editing the SendBoard Power-Up Settings, which you can access through the Trello sidebar as shown below:

Many teams prefer to send and receive emails using their own email address, without the part (e.g. You can do this by linking your existing email address to SendBoard and setting up forwarding rules. Have a look at this article for detailed steps on how to set up your custom email address: Custom email addresses

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