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Learn how to send and receive emails using your own email address (without the ''sendboard' part).
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When you first activate the SendBoard Power-Up on a Trello board, you’ll choose a unique email address for the board. We call this your Board Email Address and it will look something like

But many teams prefer to send and receive emails using their own email address (e.g. When you use an email address like this in SendBoard, without the ‘’ part, we call it a Custom Email Address.

Here's an example setup of Mailbox settings in SendBoard.  

Setting your custom email address here is super simple. Just navigate to the Mailbox screen of your SendBoard settings and enter your email address. 

But you’ll need to complete some additional steps, outside of SendBoard, before you can start using this address in Trello.

There are two steps you can take.

  1. Override the 'Reply-To' address on emails you send from Trello, by setting up a forwarding rule with your email service provider (e.g. Gmail/Office365).

  2. Override the 'From' address on emails you send from Trello, by making a small change with your domain service provider (e.g. Google/Amazon).

Note that although Step 1 is available on all SendBoard plans, Step 2 is only available on our paid plans (Essential and Pro). See our plans and pricing here.

What your emails will look like

This is what your emails from Trello will look like after completing each step:

Here is what you'll need to do complete Steps 1 and 2. 

Step 1. Create a forwarding rule 

This step is required in order to receive emails via your custom email address.

You'll need to head over to your email service provider and set up a forwarding/redirect rule so that any emails you receive at your custom email address will automatically be forwarded to your Board Email Address in Trello. We’ve put together some tips for Setting up a forwarding rule with common email providers like Gmail, Office365 and Yahoo. 

Note that this will email address will need to be an existing email address that you own.

Once you’ve added the forwarding rule, return to your mailbox settings and click the 'Verify settings' button. We’ll send an email to your custom email address to verify that everything is working as expected. 

Note: It's possible that our verification email can end up in your junk folder. The verification email will come from - check and make sure this is added to your safe senders list, and then try the verification again.

With Step 1 complete, any emails sent to your custom email address will be created as new cards in Trello. And for any emails you send, the 'reply-to' address will be set to your custom email address.

Step 2. Update your domain settings

This step is optional and is only required in order to send emails from your custom email address. You'll need to make some minor DNS changes with your domain service provider that authorise SendBoard to send emails on your behalf. 

Once you've completed Step 1 above, you'll find the details for Step 2 on the Mailbox settings screen. This will include the information you need for the addition of DKIM & Return Path records on your custom domain (e.g. These are industry-standard email security mechanisms.

This step might seem confusing because it's something most of us rarely do. But you can reach out to your system administrator, or whoever helped set up your domain, to help you with this process.

For more information and detailed steps read here: Update domain settings for a custom send address

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