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Troubleshoot Power-Up buttons not showing
Troubleshoot Power-Up buttons not showing

There a few reasons why someone might not be seeing SendBoard features, even though the Power-Up has been added to a board

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Once the Email for Trello Power-Up has been added to a Trello board, anyone who is part of that Trello team and has authorised the Power-Up should be able to use the features. 

Troubleshooting Power-Up buttons not showing

We've listed some reasons why the Email for Trello features and the SendBoard button might not be showing for certain users.

Unsupported web browser

Make sure you are using a Trello supported browser. If you're browser or version is not supported, it can lead to all kinds of issues.

SendBoard is not authorised

One possible issue is that the 'Authorise SendBoard' step was not completed correctly. To verify this, open the Trello board and refresh the screen in your browser. If authorisation is not yet completed, this would prompt the steps to authorise SendBoard to work with Trello. 

See here for reasons why you might be having issues with authorising: Troubleshooting SendBoard authorisation

Refresh/Reload Trello

This may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes all you need is a little refresh.

To refresh/reload Trello press Ctrl+Shift+R, or Ctrl+F5, or click the refresh icon in the corner at the top of the browser

SendBoard button is hidden from toolbar

If you don't see the SendBoard button in your board's header, but you can access SendBoard on the Trello card, the Power-Up button may simply be hidden.

Go to the Power-Ups menu in your board header and click on the "..." next to 'SendBoard'. Make sure 'Show on board' is chosen.

Third party cookies are blocked

SendBoard requires that third party cookies are enabled on your browser. This is true for most Power-Ups in Trello.

Check that Cookies are enabled on your browser and that the following domains are allowed on your settings: and,,, and

If cookies are disabled, you can read more about how to enable them for your specific browser here:

If you are having trouble with other Power-Ups too, you should visit Trello's article for steps to troubleshoot browser issues with Trello.

Time out

Your browser might be timing out while trying to load the Email for Trello Power-Up. If your browser is timing out, it is most likely related to the speed of the internet connection. Try using a different browser, and a different network if you can. 

Visit Trello's help article for steps on Troubleshooting Power-Ups not loading

Blocked on your network

Ad-blockers, extensions and browser customizations can block Power-Ups from loading. A good test is to disable all the add-ons you have and see if you can then access SendBoard. If the Power-Up loads successfully, it is likely related to one of the extensions/ad-blockers. Try enabling them one at a time until you find the problematic one.

If you are still having trouble...

You can usually find some information about the issue by looking at any console errors being reported by your browser.

To open your browser's console and capture the error:


  • Mac: ⌘ + Option + J

  • Windows: Ctrl + Shift + J


  • Mac - ⌘ + Shift + J

  • Windows - Ctrl + Shift + J


  • ⌘ + Option + C


  • F12 and go to the 'Console' tab.

Please send a screenshot of the error to so that we can help you get to the bottom of it.

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