Free trial

When you first create a SendBoard account, you will be automatically enrolled into a free trial period that will last 14 days. During this period, you will have access to all SendBoard features.

Adding billing details

You can add your billing details at any time during the free trial period by accessing the 'Account' area of your SendBoard settings. Billing will only start at the end of the free trial period.

Trial Expiry

When your trial expires, you will be invoiced for the upcoming period and the credit card you have on file will be automatically charged.

If you have not added billing details, your SendBoard account will be deactivated. All existing Trello cards will remain available to you, but new incoming emails will no longer be processed. You will also not be able to send any emails until your account has been reactivated.


You can choose from various plans, including a "Free Forever" option.

VAT and other taxes

Certain taxes may apply depending on the location of your business. Different countries and U.S. states have different tax laws that apply to software services like SendBoard. We strive to comply with the applicable laws wherever SendBoard is used.

Different tax rules will apply based on the country and zip code you enter under your billing address.

Managing your plan

You can access SendBoard settings at any time by clicking on the SendBoard button in Trello (top-right). Click on 'Account' to manage anything to do with your account, plan or subscription.

From the accounts screen, you can manage all of the details relating to your plan and billing details.

If you no longer need your SendBoard account, you can easily cancel your subscription yourself. Just click on 'Cancel Subscription'.

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