Although SendBoard has a handy text editor for typing out replies, you can also reply to emails by adding a Trello comment. If you add a comment that starts with @reply, your comment text will be sent as an email reply to all of the contacts on the thread.

The ability to reply via a Trello comment is only available on certain SendBoard plans. See our plans and pricing here.

Here’s a short demo of how it works.

You’ll notice in the above example, that after saving the comment "@reply Sure! ", SendBoard picked up that the comment had been posted and automatically sent out an email to the contact on the thread using the text from the comment.

Send out a Saved Reply with a comment

You can also send out a Saved Reply by using the keyword of the saved reply in your comment, prepended by '##'. So to send out a saved reply with the keyword 'followup', you would add a comment like this:

@reply ##followup

Here’s why this is important:

Send emails using the Trello iOS or Android apps

Power-Ups like SendBoard are not currently supported in the native Trello apps. So in the past, to reply to an email using your mobile phone, you’d need to open up Trello in a web browser.

But since Trello comments can be added using Trello iOS or Android apps, you can now send an email by typing a comment starting with "@reply".

Send quick replies without opening the editor

If you just need to send a quick reply, it might be overkill to open up the email thread and use the editor to type out an email. Why not just type out a quick reply as Trello comment?

Use Butler to automate your replies

Butler is a powerful utility within Trello that can perform many different kinds of Trello automations. One of the things that Butler can do is add a comment to a card based on a defined trigger. Since you can now send an email by adding a comment, this means that you can configure Butler rules to automatically send email replies.

E.g. Automatically send a personalised reply when you drag a card into the ‘Done’ list.

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