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Message history formats
Message history formats

Previous messages from the thread are displayed below outbound emails you send. There are two message history formats to choose from.

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When you send an email using SendBoard, the history of previous messages in the 'thread' are included below your email. Like with a normal email client, this helps give the recipient context about the email.

Message history format options

SendBoard allows you to choose from two different formats for displaying the Message history. You can choose which option should be used on your boards, by going to 'Mailbox Settings', and choosing 'Show Advanced Settings'.

These two options are explained below. But the effect of each option is best demonstrated with an example. In the image below, you can see how the same email from SendBoard would appear using the two different settings.

Show only the latest message

With this option, any reply you send from SendBoard will only show the most recent message from the email thread.

If a recipient needs to see earlier messages, a 'see more' link is shown, that will open up the full email history on the web.

For some people, this might be a privacy concern, since this link is publicly accessible (if the address is known). Although the address of the shareable link is obscure and unpredictable, recipients could share the link (showing the full message history) with their own contacts.

Choose this option to provide your contacts with a simple and neat email reply, but only if privacy is not a major concern.

Show all past messages (default)

With this option, all previous messages are included with every outbound email. This is the behaviour most people expect from a normal email client like Gmail/Outlook.

With this option, SendBoard also allows you to selectively exclude certain messages, just in case there is some sensitive or irrelevant content you'd like to remove from the conversation history. Read more about that here -> Exclude certain messages from your reply.

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