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Linking a Trello board to a different workspace
Linking a Trello board to a different workspace

Moving a Trello board from one team to another can affect how SendBoard works. Learn how to handle the transition smoothly.

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Trello Workspaces and SendBoard Accounts

A SendBoard account is always linked to a single Trello workspace. Your SendBoard account is where you manage your plan, your billing information and your workspace members. All of your SendBoard emails, contacts and saved replies are also linked to a particular SendBoard account.

So when you update a Trello board to be linked to a different Trello workspace, you are also linking the board to a different SendBoard account. This can have some unexpected consequences.

  • If Workspace A and Workspace B have different SendBoard plans, you may lose out on features.

  • The workspace members who have access to SendBoard features might change.

  • Your emails and contacts might get split across two different SendBoard accounts.

Don't worry, though, we've created a tool to help resolve this. You can access it by clicking the SendBoard board button to take you to the account settings (you will need to be a workspace admin). There you will see a message that looks like the image below. Click the link to go to the migration tool.

The Migration Tool

The migration tool offers three different ways to resolve the issues. The best option for you depends on your specific scenario. Simply select the option that you want and click the Update Boards/Accounts button.

1) Migrate your SendBoard account to the new Trello Workspace

If you set up your SendBoard account under Workspace A, but then moved the board to Workspace B, you might want to move your whole SendBoard account to Workspace B. If you do this, any other Boards linked to Workspace A would lose their link to your SendBoard account. So ensure to move across all of the boards you'd like to keep before you move your SendBoard account.

Choose this option if the SendBoard account you want to keep is linked to Workspace A, but Workspace B is where you want to use it.

2) Migrate your Trello board to the new SendBoard account

If you're sure that the Trello board should be linked to Workspace B, and the SendBoard account linked to Workspace B is the account you'd like to keep, then we can help you fully migrate the board to the new Workspace.

Choose this option if the SendBoard account you want to keep is linked to Workspace B.

3) Move the Trello board back to the original Workspace

The simplest way to resolve the issues is to just link the board to the workspace that it was linked to when you added the SendBoard Power-Up. This will simply revert all functionality back to how it was before you moved the board.

Choose this option if the SendBoard account you want to keep is linked to Workspace A, and moving the board to Workspace B was a mistake.

Need help with moving a board to a different Trello Workspace? Check out this article: Move a board to a new Workspace

As always, if you have any trouble getting your SendBoard account back to its intended state, contact our support team at and we will gladly assist you.

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