You may occasionally receive an email in your personal email inbox that relates to an existing email conversation in Trello. It can be messy to try and work when information is not all in the same place.

Although you could copy/paste the email content into Trello, or use the "Merge Card" feature after creating a new card, there's an easier way...

Forward an email to Trello with the reference in the subject

There's a SendBoard feature that allows you to attach an email to an existing Trello card. All you need to do is quote the card reference number (with a #) in the subject of the email.

1. Open up the card in Trello and copy the reference number from the top of the card.

2. Open the email in your mail client to forward the email to your SendBoard address.

3. Paste the reference number (e.g. #ref999 ) in the subject of your email and "Send". Make sure to include the # character.

4. Rather than create a new card in Trello, the email will be added to the existing conversation.

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