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Manage your email contacts in Trello
Manage your email contacts in Trello
Every contact that you email is saved under your SendBoard account. Learn how to update their name, email address and mobile number.
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All of the contacts that you engage with in Trello are saved under your SendBoard account.

When you receive an email from a new contact, their first and last name is automatically set to whatever mailbox name that they have chosen in their own email app. When you reach out to a new contact by entering their email address, the contact will be created without a name.

But it is possible to update contacts in your SendBoard contact database, as well as create new contacts. You can easily manage their name, email address and mobile number right within Trello.

View the contact assigned to a card

Every card that has email activity will have an assigned contact. You can see the contact under the "SendBoard" area of the card. Clicking on the contact will bring up a screen where you can choose a different contact, update contact details or create a new contact.

Choose a different contact

If you'd like to switch out the contact and assign someone else to the card, you can use the search box to find another contact. Search using their name or email address, select the contact, and then choose "Assign to card".

Update contact details

Any contact that you select can easily be updated. Simply change their first name, last name or mobile number and the new details will automatically be saved.

It's not possible to change the email address of an existing contact, because that email address may be linked to email conversations. If you need to remove an out-of-date email address, you can archive the old address and create a new contact with the new email address.

Archive a contact

Click the "Archive" button to prevent a contact from showing up in auto-complete results when adding contacts to the To/Cc/Bcc field. They'll still show up if you search for them on the manage contacts screen, so if you archive a contact by mistake, you can easily unarchive them.

Create a new contact

Creating a new contact is quick and easy. From the manage contacts screen, click the "New Contact" button. Add your contacts details and then then click "Add contact and assign to card".

Assign a new contact

You will need to have a contact linked to the card in order to send an email from the card - for example, in the case where a card has been created manually in Trello and not from an email, there will be no contact linked to the card and you will have to assign a contact. Simply select "Assign contact" from the SendBoard button on the card and choose or add a new contact.

Tip: Use the @assign feature to quickly assign a contact. If you comment @assign Bob Jones <> on the card, the contact is automatically assigned with the correct name and email address.

Use Butler Automation and Custom Fields to assign a contact

If your workflow adds your customer’s email address to a Trello Custom Field, you can use automation to your advantage. Simply create a rule to assign the contact to the card when the Custom Field ‘Email' is set. When the Custom Field is set, your rule will post the comment @assign {%Email%} which will automatically set the contact. The contact name will be taken from the email address. If you have a Custom Field with the name too, you can specify the name like this @assign {% Client_name %} <{% Email %}>

Here is an example of what the rule will look like:

Import multiple contacts to Email for Trello

Learn how to import multiple contacts to Email for Trello with this nifty automation: How to import multiple contacts

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