Handling images in email content

Learn how SendBoard handles images in email content and how to enable or disable inline image processing for your inbound emails.

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When you receive an email, it may contain one or more inline images in the content.

SendBoard supports automatically parsing and extracting these inline images, and promoting them to Trello card attachments for you!


Many people use images for their signature or may include marketing images in their emails. To a human, the difference between an image in the signature and an image in the email body, is obvious, but not to a computer.

SendBoard does its best to try and figure out whether an image is something useful (like a screenshot) or something like a Facebook icon that was included in someone's signature.

SendBoard only extracts images that it believes would be useful to you. It would be annoying if it extracted and attached all images and polluted your card with signature and marketing images.

Enabling/Disabling inline images for a Mailbox

While we are always improving the detection algorithm, it may not be working for you, or you simply don't want SendBoard to extract and upload any image. You can therefore enable/disable this feature for one or all of your mailboxes.

To do this, open the SendBoard PowerUp Settings screen by clicking on the SendBoard button on the top of your Trello board (where PowerUps are listed). Choose the "Mailbox" tab and then, expand "Show Advanced Settings".

You will see a checkbox for enabling/disabling the inline image attachment processing. It may take a few minutes for your settings to take effect. Once enabled, SendBoard will automatically upload inline images to cards.

Note: This is a mailbox setting, not an account setting. In other words, you will need to make this change to every mailbox you want this setting to apply to. If you make a change on one board, it will not automatically apply to all your boards.

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