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Customise your mailbox & email settings
Create an email signature for your Trello mailbox
Create an email signature for your Trello mailbox

A well-crafted signature is the perfect piece of branding to round off your email – and make sure customers can get in touch.

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Include a signature in outbound emails

To get started, open up your email signature under the Templates tab of your SendBoard settings. Check the box to "Automatically include a signature in all outbound emails" and you'll see an editor to compose your signature.

Each board that uses the SendBoard Power-Up will have its own separate email signature template.

Insert your logo

You can upload your logo under the “Account” area of your SendBoard settings.

To add your account logo to your email signature, click “Insert" from the editor menu and choose "Account Logo”.

Add other images to your signature

If you click the “<>” button in the editor menu, you can edit the HTML of your email signature. With just a basic understanding of HTML/CSS you'll be able to insert images and adjust their layout. You'll need to first make sure that the images you need are hosted on a publicly accessible address on the internet (e.g. Your Website).

<img src=""/>

Include the email sender's name

To insert the Trello user name of the person sending the email, click “Insert > Sender > First Name” from the editor menu.

Include other personal information

If you’d like to include other personal information of the sender, you can set up a Saved Reply for each Trello user. You could still have a standard email signature set up with your company details, but each team member could use a shortcut to easily insert their personal details. For example, John Smith could set up a saved reply with the keyword "js" with his Job title and mobile number. When signing-off an email, he would just type "#js" and hit "Enter" to add his personal details.

Customize the styles in your signature

You can tweak simple styles like color and font using the editor menu. And if you have a basic understanding of HTML/CSS you can customize every aspect of your signature by clicking the “<>” button.

SendBoard signatures are not posted as comments to the Trello card to avoid filling up the card comments unnecessarily.

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