Writing a great email auto-reply is all about building trust, managing expectations and delivering the best possible customer service. Here are some actionable tips for improving your auto-replies!

Before diving into the tips, here’s how to activate the auto-reply feature in Trello. Open up your Power-Up Settings and navigate to the “Templates” tab. Check the box to turn on the feature. This auto reply will be sent out for every new email you receive on the board, unless it’s a reply to an existing email.

How to turn on auto reply emails in Trello

Say thank you

Acknowledge your customer’s email and thank them for reaching out. Confirmation that your team has received their message and will look into their query as soon as possible can be very reassuring!

Give an estimated turnaround time

Add to that reassurance by providing a turnaround time. Don’t sell your team short with an unrealistic estimate that leaves your customer frustrated! Always aim to overdeliver.

Provide an alternative point of contact

Include your phone number in case your customer needs to escalate their query. You can even use the variable {% referenceNumber %} to include a ticket reference. This will insert the reference number from the top of your customer’s SendBoard email card into your auto-reply. If your customer phones, it will be quick and easy for your team to locate their request.

Share the reference number for a Trello card

Link to help articles

Save your team some time and effort! Point your customer to potential answers in your help documentation. It can often resolve queries without the need for you to get involved.

Once you’ve put it all together, here’s how your brand new auto-reply might look!

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