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Start a new conversation on an existing Trello card
Start a new conversation on an existing Trello card

How to start a new conversation on an existing Trello card and have multiple email threads, with different contacts, on the same Trello card

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Most people use SendBoard's Email for Trello to track a single conversation on each Trello card. But there's an easy way to spin up a new conversation on a card, and optionally include other messages in your outgoing emails.

Before getting started, ensure that your mailbox is set up to use our latest message history format (Show all past messages). Accounts set up after January 2021 will use this new format by default, but older account might need to update their settings. Learn how to change message history settings.

Start a new conversation on a Trello card

There are a few different ways to start a new conversation on a Trello card.

1. Send a new email

You can start a completely new email thread by clicking the "New Email" button. You can also choose to optionally include emails from the message history.

2. CC/BCC additional people when you reply

This isn't really a new conversation, but it's worth mentioning. After clicking "`Reply", you can easily add additional contacts to the CC or BCC fields. Depending on the discussion so far, you might want to exclude certain messages from your reply.

3. Forward an email in the thread

When you open up the conversation view on a SendBoard card, you’ll see a “Forward” button alongside each message in the thread. Clicking this button does a few things.

  1. Scrolls up and focuses your attention on the email editor

  2. Sets the Subject to “FWD ...”

  3. Clears the recipients so that you can select who to include

  4. Automatically attaches any files that were attached to the original email

This works a lot like normal email clients such as Gmail or Outlook. Attachments are included by default, but if you don’t want to include attachments, simply delete them before you send the email off.

Multiple email threads

With the above features you can have multiple conversations on one Trello card. After forwarding an email or starting a new email, you can continue to have separate discussions with the different recipients on the card. SendBoard will be smart about how the thread is handled. i.e. When you reply from within Trello, only the relevant messages from the email history will be included.

A note on clicking 'reply' or using @reply in a comment

With multiple conversations going on, it might not be clear who you will be replying to if you click "Reply" or use the "@reply" feature to send an email. In both cases, your reply will go to the contacts on the most recent inbound/outbound email.

If you are concerned about replying to the wrong email, especially if you're using automations, then rather avoid using the @reply feature. You should instead use the @email keyword so that you can start a new conversation and explicitly choose who should receive the email. Read more about this here.

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