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Can't view Emails in Trello?
Can't view Emails in Trello?

If you have trouble viewing your emails in Trello, you might have to update your commenting permissions.

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The Email for Trello Power-Up uses the SendBoard bot to add a comment on the card when an email is sent/received. When you open the view/reply window, we fetch all of the comments and link them to the emails. If the SendBoard bot does not have permission to add comments to the card, emails cannot be linked successfully and causes an error.

Commenting permissions in Trello

To change the commenting permissions in Trello navigate to your board settings in the menu on the right and click 'Commenting Permissions'. Ensure that 'Members' are selected.

Commenting permission settings in Trello

Visit this Trello article for more help with updating commenting permissions.

If you are still having trouble after updating the commenting permissions on your board, please contact us at

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