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Getting Started with email in Trello
Sending and receiving emails in Trello
Sending and receiving emails in Trello

Learn how to send, receive and reply to emails in Trello with the Email for Trello Power-Up.

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What is Email for Trello? Email for Trello is a Trello Power-Up made by SendBoard. It connects your inbox to Trello so that you can send and receive emails directly from your board.

Receive an email on your Trello board

Any email sent to your board email address will be created as a new card on your Trello board. If you've configured a custom email address, and have set up forwarding rules, emails sent to that address will also be created as new cards in Trello.

Click on the Trello card to view the email you have received.

Reply to an email in Trello

To reply to an email that you've received in Trello, open the card and click ‘View Emails & Reply’ to open the email editor. The reply you sent will be visible as a comment on the card.

Send a new email in Trello

To send an email from a new card, simply click on the "New Email" button at the top of the card.

You can also send an email from any new or existing card in Trello by clicking the SendBoard button and choosing 'New Email'. Enter your message and the recipient details email editor window and hit 'Send'.

Tip: When composing an email in the editor, you can drag and drop contacts between To, Cc, Bcc. Simply enter the recipient email address, click on the email address and drag it to the preferred place (To, Cc or Bcc) and then drop.

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