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Forward/redirect emails from Outlook to Trello
Forward/redirect emails from Outlook to Trello

Learn how to automatically send emails to Trello by creating a redirect rule in Outlook.

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The Email for Trello Power-Up makes it possible to send emails to and from a Trello board. To receive emails in Trello via your custom email address, you will need to create a forwarding/redirect rule with your mail service provider. Once this is set up, any emails you receive at your custom email address will automatically be forwarded to your Board Email Address in Trello.

Important note: With Microsoft products, we recommend creating a rule to redirect emails to your Email for Trello address rather than forward them. The difference between forwarding and redirecting emails are explained below:

  • Messages that are forwarded will appear to be forwarded from you.

  • Messages that are redirected will appear to come from the original sender.

Automatically redirect emails to Trello

Here are the basic steps to send all incoming emails to your board.

The setup steps to redirect emails are very similar for the different Microsoft products.

  1. Find the "Rules" area under your Settings. Depending on your Microsoft settings, rules may be in a slightly different place on your ribbon.

  2. Choose "Manage Rules & Alerts"

  3. Create a New Rule to apply to all messages you receive

  4. Choose to "redirect emails to people or a public group"

  5. Enter your Email for SendBoard Board Address

  6. Remember to save your new rule.

Here's the guide for outlook Web App. Remember, it's important to follow the steps to redirect email, not forward email.

How to forward emails that match a filter

In some cases, you might not want to redirect all emails to Trello. When creating your redirect rule, you can choose which conditions to check apply in order to filter for and send selected emails to Trello.

  1. Follow steps 1 to 3 as explained above

  2. Select the relevant conditions to check for (e.g. emails from a specific email address or with a specific subject)

  3. Choose to "redirect emails to people or a public group"

  4. Enter your Email for SendBoard Board Address

  5. Remember to save your new rule.

Once you’ve added your rule, return to your SendBoard mailbox settings and click the 'Verify settings' button. We’ll send an email to your custom email address to verify that everything is working as expected.

External forwarding blocked error

If you are receiving bounce messages after setting up the redirect rule, Microsoft 365 spam protection might be set to restrict automatic forwarding/redirecting for your organisation. In this case, you will need to get in touch with your administrator and ask them to allow automatic external forwarding for any email addresses that you want to use with SendBoard. Check out our article on how to prevent Microsoft 365 from rejecting to forward emails for example errors and steps to follow.

Verify your forwarding rule in Trello

Once you’ve added the redirect/forwarding rule, return to your SendBoard mailbox settings in Trello. Enter your existing email address in the field labeled ‘Custom Email Address’ – then click the ‘Verify settings’ button.

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