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Setting up a Forwarding or Redirect rule
Setting up a Forwarding or Redirect rule

Set up a forwarding or redirect rule to direct emails from your existing inbox to your Trello board to use a custom email in Trello.

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Set up a forwarding rule to direct emails from your existing inbox to your Trello board. The Email for Trello Power-Up uses this forwarding/redirect rule to create new cards from incoming emails and attach replies to existing email threads.

Forward emails from your mailbox to your Trello board

How to forwarding / redirect emails to Trello

Firstly, make sure you have the correct board address to forward/redirect your email to. You can get this from the β€˜Mailbox’ area of SendBoard settings. Depending on your access rights, you might require some help from your I.T. team to set up the forwarding rule.

Multiple mailboxes can be forwarded to your Email for Trello address. Any emails you send will come from your Email for Trello board address. Have a look at this article to set up a custom email address.

Important note: When setting up your forwarding rule, you will receive a verification email to verify the email address. It's possible that our verification email can end up in your junk folder. The verification email will come from - check and make sure this is added to your safe senders list, and then try the verification again.

Here are forwarding/redirecting guides for different email providers.

Gmail / Google Workspaces (Email forwarding)

  • Visit our article to learn more about forwarding rules and filters in Gmail.

Microsoft 365 / Outlook (Redirect email )

Zoho Mail (Email forwarding)

Yahoo Mail (Automatic email forwarding)

iCloud / Apple (Automatic forwarding)

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