Get set up with Email for Trello

Our guide to getting started with SendBoard’s Email for Trello Power-Up and customizing your email workflow in Trello.

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Welcome to Email for Trello, a Power-Up to organize and automate your email workflow – right from Trello. This help article covers what you need to do to get started.

First up, we take you through the basics for quickly getting up and running with your inbox in Trello.

  1. Send an email TO your board

  2. REPLY to an email in Trello

  3. Send a new email from any card

Next, we show you how to customize your email workflow with these features.

✨ Getting started essentials

1. Send an email to your board

Try sending an email to your Trello board from any email account you own. Simply open up your mail client and send a test email to your board address. (You can find your board address in your SendBoard settings. It will look something like

Your email will appear as a new card on your Trello board.

Incoming emails appear as new Trello cards

2. Reply to an email in Trello

To reply to an email that you've received in Trello, open the card and click ‘View Emails & Reply’ to open the email editor. The reply you send will be shown as a comment on the card.

Click ‘View Emails & Reply’ to respond to emails in Trello

3. Send a new email from a card

To send a new email from any card, simply click on the ‘New Email’ button at the top of the card.

Click ‘New Email’ at the top of any card to start a new email conversation

All done! You’re all set to send, receive and reply to emails from Trello. If you want more, customize your setup with the advanced features below.

Need more help? Find answers to frequently asked questions in our help center.

⚙️Customize your email workflow

Connect an existing email address to your board

Connect your own email address, so that you can send and receive emails without the ‘sendboard’ part. There are two main steps to set up a custom email address in Trello:

  1. Receive emails to your own email address by creating a forwarding rule

  2. Send emails from your own email address by updating your domain settings

For more details, read our help article on how to set up a custom email address.

Create a Saved Reply template

If you send lots of similar emails, you can standardize your responses with Saved Reply templates – and use variables to dynamically insert relevant content.

Once you’ve created a Saved Reply, simply click on the icon to insert them from the email editor. You can send it as is, or edit the content to suit your response.

Send emails with Trello automation

Use Trello automation to save time and build powerful email workflows. For example, you can:

There are thousands of possible Trello automations, so you can choose to create the ones that best suit your use case.

Visit the SendBoard help center for more tips about automating emails and customizing the Email for Trello Power-Up to suit your needs.

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